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the lost soul.

baekhyun graphic for

Faked identity, faked happiness, faked smiles, in this world, what is there that isn’t fake.
– 《一年之初》 (via yugiboi)

Luhan’s cute disappointed expression when he didn’t kick the ball far enough


Streetstyle: Kang So Young at Seoul Fashion Week shot by Kim Jin Yong

oh my sehun.

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Sehun fixing his pants 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

'Regardless of how strong I become, you will still be my weakness.' by CC罒v罒

1/15 oh sehun - コレクションシリーズ  ; snapback collection 


4/12 reasons why do i stan to EXO

↳ luhan is the face of the group, and he claims he’s manly