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Boa and Sehun - Only One (2012-2014)


boA must be shocked every time she performs to Only One because Oh Sehun comes back another 5 inches taller balls dropped voice is lower shoulders more broad like she’s practically raised him since birth dancing to that song.


Diesel Black Gold opens new London store

Designed by Pierre Beucler and Jean Christophe Poggioli (of Architecture and Associés), staggered lighting and bare concrete surfaces materialise a raw feel appropriate to the Italian brand’s visual language.

This could be the end of everything
So why don’t we go
Somewhere only we know.





A Man Found a “dragon” on his backyard

The Chinese weibo and weixin are circulating the images of the “dragon”, it is yet unknown if the dragon is real, or if it’s not whatever animal this is

The man that found it, says that he heard weird bird noises in his yard when it was raining, he thought a bird might be hurt, but the man was surprised, when he saw ” a dragon” when he arrived at the scene

It is not known whether the animal is a real dragon or a strangely mutated animal, but the fact remains that the animal was hurt, it is still alive, and a man that posted his pictures on his social media is asking people if they think it is indeed a dragon, and even if its not how to treat him, we all hope that that “animal” will recover soon.

excuse me but if that is not a dragon then what the fuck is it..

otaku suho ㅎㅅㅎ 

I’M GETTING THAT FUCKING A (EVEN IF IT KILLS ME) // for when instrumental music is not enough, when you’re on your last cup of coffee and the sun’s about to rise, when aggressive dancing is the only way to stay awake long enough to finish this damn assignment [listen] [keep]

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the adventures of chanyeol and the hula hoop

140629 EXO CKG Airport appearance — S e h u n